Submit an Image

Interested in having your image featured on Ortho EM Pearls? Please submit your original image and make sure the following requirements are met:

  • Original content
  • No patient identifiers (including name, DOB, MRN, etc.)
  • Please make sure to use the right form (i.e. if you have an image of the hand, use the "Upper Extremity" form. If you have an image of the lumbar area, use the "Spine" form.)
  • Please ensure that all images are HIPAA compliant. Some tips: 


  • Turn the font color the same as the background color
  • Put an object over the PHI
  • Crop the image without deleting the cropped portion of the image


  • Capture images without any PHI

If your image has PHI in the pixel data, consider a third party image processing software (e.g. IrfanView, Adobe Photoshop or similar) to cut out the PHI and then saving just image data

By uploading your file, you give permission for Ortho EM Pearls to feature the image/content on our website.


Upper Extremity

Lower Extremity