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Confusion Over a Contusion

Authors: Steven Morrin, MD and Nick Copeli, MD
Peer-reviewer: Victor Huang, MD, CAQ-SM
Editor: Victor Huang, MD, CAQ-SM, Alex Tomesch, MD, CAQ-SM

A 20-year-old female presents to the Emergency Department for progressively worsening right thigh pain after a motor vehicle collision two weeks ago in which she was an unrestrained front passenger. Examination of the right lower extremity demonstrates a fluctuant collection that is tender to palpation along the lateral and posterior thigh. There is no erythema or warmth, the compartments are soft, and neurovascular examination is normal. Plain films of the femur and knee show no acute fracture or dislocation.

Image 1. Image Prompt. CT Lower Extremity with IV Contrast. Authors’ own images. 



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