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Fight with a Bite

Author: Katie Dolbec, MD, CAQ-SM
Peer-reviewer: Terese Whipple, MD, CAQ-SM
Final editor: Alex Tomesch, MD, CAQ-SM

A patient presents to the Emergency Department with right hand pain after an altercation the night prior. He got into an argument with a friend and punched him in the face. On exam, the patient’s dorsal hand is significantly swollen and erythematous. There is a small break in the skin overlying the proximal 3rd and 4th metacarpals. Range of motion of the 4th and 5th digits is limited, and he cannot make a fist. No rotational deformity is noted with flexion.

Image 1. Image courtesy of Dr. Joseph Ravera.

Image 2. Case courtesy of Student Doctor George Fritsch,, rID: 86036.



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