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January 2024

Author: Justine Ko, MD, CAQ-SM
Peer Reviewer: R. Conner Dixon, MD, CAQ-SM

This image was obtained using a linear probe along the longitudinal aspect of the ulnar side of the thumb.

Image 1: Case courtesy of Maulik S Patel,, rID: 37462

Image 2: Demonstration of the ultrasound technique for this case. Author’s own image.

A 25 year old female is complaining of thumb pain after falling during a ski run. You obtain a longitudinal image of the ulnar thumb in normal and stress views with the following findings.

Image 1: Case courtesy of Maulik S Patel,, rID: 37462, left panel with non-stress view, right panel with stress view

Image 2: demonstration of 45º stress view.