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Posterior Shoulder

November 2023

Author: Liana Meffert, MD
Peer Reviewer: R. Conner Dixon, MD, CAQ-SM
Final Reviewer: Justine Ko, MD, CAQ-SM

This image was captured by placing the transducer in the long axis, parallel to the scapular spine.  

A 55 year old female presents after a fall at home. She is complaining of new shoulder pain and holding her arm in an abducted and externally rotated position. You grab your ultrasound for a quick, noninvasive (and sensitive!) evaluation and see the following:

Image 1: Author's own image

Image 2: Demonstration of the ultrasound technique/placement for this case. Author's own image. Note: A linear probe is used in this image, however a curvilinear probe is also commonly used.