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Watch That Ankle Like a Hawk  

Author: Jasmine S. Holmes, MD
Peer-Reviewer: Miguel F. Agrait, MD, CAQ-SM
Final Editor: Alex TOmesch, MD, CAQ-SM

A 16-year-old male was transferred from an outside hospital to the emergency department with severe right ankle pain after landing awkwardly in ankle inversion, while playing volleyball. He was unable to walk and had right ankle deformity. On exam, he had a normal distal pulse and capillary refill, intact sensation, and could move his toes. Plain films of the patient’s right ankle were obtained. 

Image 1(a). Plain radiograph of the right ankle (AP view). Author’s own image.  

Image 1(b). Plain radiograph of the right ankle (Oblique view). Author’s own Image. 

Image 1(c). Plain radiograph of the right ankle (Oblique view). Author’s own image.

Image 1(d). Plain radiograph of the right ankle (Lateral view). Author’s own image.


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